The Tale of Peter Babbit

World Development for an Animated Film


Far away in the distant lands between the Malachite Mountains and the Sappharine River, lackadaisical soldier Peter Babbit has lived in the shadow of his war hero father, who died in battle against the fearsome Great Giants.

But when the last of the Great Giants, McGregor, arrives in the Kingdom of Lagomorfia and destroys everything he once knew, Peter swears revenge, even if it means being consumed by the ghost of his father himself.

Development focusing on world building for an animated film, The Tale of Peter Babbit is re-telling of Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit, set in a high fantasy world.

Environment concept for Lagomorfia Kingdom.

Environment concept of the forest path leading to McGregor’s Sanctuary.

Environment concept for Peter’s home.

Environment concept for Lagomorfia Marketplace.

Lagomorfia call out sheet.

McGregor’s Santuary call out sheet.

Lagomorfia architecture call out sheet.

Land of the Great Giants architecture call out sheet.

Interior of Peter’s home.

Peter’s home call out sheet.

Lagomorfia Marketplace camera map and call out sheet.

Market place scene storyboard, 1.

Market place scene storyboard, 2.